Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016

TORTURE – Cirkorama (HR)

Torture (lat.tortus = “scrambled”, fr. Torture = “question” by Diderot. Encyclopedia) is a deliberate act of causing physical or psychological pain in order to fulfill a wish of the person who carried out torture or to indicate the victim to a particular action. By definition, torture is carried out with intent and knowledge. Torture is prohibited by law in most states … The law prohibited, but omnipresent.

We embrace torture as an everyday act and ritual, we do it ourselves, we – people of the Circus.
Hanging on limbs, throwing from a height, repetitions to exhaustion, forced to be in certain positions, are just some of our small tortures do yourself and your partner to be from day to day repetitive with a tendency to increase the number of hours spent in the room for torture body. No spare is not for the psyche. The goal? We’re struggling ourselves to make us recognize the other. At the end we give ourselves credit. Deserved!?!

Three performers on the scene trying to movement and music to convey their vision of torture, present in everyday social life and artistic creation. Using the definition of torture and say its practical form as a motive, contractors implement them in the performance of music, acrobatics, object manipulation, VJ-ing … This is about the review of small and somewhat bigger torture that we do to ourselves and others that we make along the way to their own artistic creations.
Authors and performers:
Jadranka Žinić Mijatović, Nikola Mijatović, Bruno Motik
Visiting musician:
Miloš Dilkić


28.09. 21h CZKD
TORTURE/ Cirkorama (HR)
Duration: 50 min