Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016

Workshops circus pedagogy MINI CIRCUS LABORATORY

Circus pedagogy combines physical activity that are in the circus and the use of artistic skills with educational content and objectives. This working method is aimed at stimulating the psychomotor development, which is an important aspect of the life of young people. Moreover, encouraging children and young people to try this attractive mode of personal expression and self-development contributions, developing courage and their natural needs to improve character in search of positive activities. This means constantly discovering new challenges and acquired skills in a creative way.
The workshops are intended for children aged 6-12. Participants workshops will work with the circus artists and teachers to learn various circus skills Age-appropriate on the main stage, such as: finding a balance (the wire and other appropriate facilities), trapeze, acrobatics on the ground (forward somersault, star …), developing a sense of spatial motor skills through polygons ..
Workshop instructors: Morana Radočaj, Peter Kožljan, Lea Ovčarić, Natalya Pintaric and Ivo Frangeš

The workshops are part of the project Cirkobalkana platform aimed at the development of circus pedagogy in the Balkans. The previous phase of this project took place through workshops in the festival Cirkobalkana 2015 in Belgrade and Zagreb, as well as through two visits Circus School Turbulli in France. The workshops were held under the supervision of Pierre Chartier, a leader and director of the circus school Turbulli from Nimes, and attended them artists of Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The workshops are free, registration by email:
The number of participants is limited.

Workshops date

8th October 9 2016, Boogaloo, Hall for the Performing Arts