Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016

Demagogue – Cirkusfera (SR)

Come, we come to you!
We invite demagogues of all colors, sizes and shapes, to come to the set, on the day of the International Day of demagoguery, and on this occasion we invite you to declare a strike!
The strike demagogue for a new era of demagoguery!
Management Alerts demagoguery also appears that the strike will continue until the fulfillment of all our requirements, ie. until the next warning demagogues. Give your contribution to the deconstruction of modern conceptual slapstick, and wish you a pleasant gouging.

Authors and performers:
Milan Manic and Dušan Muric

* Dissemination of leaflets demagogue demagoguery dividing without the express permission of utility services is not allowed. Also excludes us from the situation that someone from the audience did not pay a ticket or taxes or electricity or subscription, and attend our attendance and says he does not agree. In any case we don’t take no liability or consequences. If a strike occurs or does not occur. We come to you. You come to us.

The show ‘Demagogue‘ combines contemporary dance expression, physical theater and circus skills. Through an attractive game of the bodies and objects in space, with the help of demagogic commonplaces and platitudes created the story of causal connections obfuscation and distortion of the truth and the facts of the particular selfish interests and benefits. A special tone present the active design (dice, trunks, cones, ties), which creates a dynamic combinatorial its visual effects and fluid multi-meaning


29.09. 21h CZKD
DEMAGOG/ Cirkusfera (SR)
(Third premiere of the show)
Duration: 50 min

6. 10. 2016. at 20:30, ZPC, Zagreb
Ticket: 40 kn