Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016

CABARET – Cirkobalkana

After the colossal performances in the Donjem brijanju, Prnjavor and Žminj and many other important places in the Balkans, chaotic cabaret finally arrives at our festival Cirkobalkana. We decided to claim this orphan refugee and call it Cirkobalkana chaos cabaret. The show, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the night at the circus only this time without a roof over their heads, tents. Performing classical circus points in a manner that in no way resembles the traditional and yet home, worldwide but ours. Provocation, improvisation and chaos with the typical caricature.
Izvođači: all


1.10. 21h CZKD
Duration: 60 min

Before cabaret, in CYKD you can see and participate in audio visual installation: Fisiograph

Its live Video feedback installation that allows you to draw with light! U can use any source of light such as cellphones, lighters or lamps. This installation let you experience the well known Light painting but in real time!

Rodrigo Guzman Cazares is a Mexican New Media Artist which work focuses in immersive experiences with light and sound! His work has different shapes and forms from Audio Visual Stimulation, stage AV performance to Interactive Installations.

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Time: 9.10. at 21 h, AKC MEDIKA, DZIU
Entrance: 30 kn