Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016

AL CUBO – Betti Combo (FR)

Everyone his own Tower of Babel. Two men and a woman, plastic buckets, two ukuleles. From this matter, they will hold their aspirations the highest. While building unlikely constructions, unpredictable balances, meticulous and sometimes derisory actions, the trio plunges us into a happy and accepted uncertainty. The success put on depth, the private shows up, and all this mess delights us with an oblivious freedom a bit crazy. In this play deeply alive the pleasure of doing and being is a contagious pleasure. Ode to joy.
The creation “Al Cubo” is supported by:
“Chemin de creation”: Pyrénées de Cirque’s process. It provides different places of residencies, at the Central del Circ (Barcelone), Ax-Animation (Ax les Thermes), Harri Xuri (Louhossoa, Aquitaine).


27.09 and 30.09. 21h CZKD
AL CUBO/ Betti Combo (FR)
Duration: 60 min

7. i 8.10. 2016. at 20:30 h, ZPC, crni studio, Zagreb
Ticket: 50 kn