Cirkobalkana 2016
Cirkobalkana 2016
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Let’s buy a circus tent for Cirkobalkana!

Dear friends and colleagues

We launched kisskiss campaign in order to collect funds for the purchase of a circus tent for the Region. We think of the circus tent as nomadic autonomous performing, educational, creative space and  finally adequate and accessible place for the development of contemporary circus scene in the Balkans, which for years is in its infancy, due to lack of the same.

Help us with your donation to grow, learn, explore, create and perform both for us and for you and before you!

All information is read at the following link:–2

And of course, we are grateful for any sharing and promotion of this campaign!


Cirkobalkana team

About project

Cirkobalkana is a regional platform for the development of contemporary circus, with the primary objective to organize the independent educational, creative and performing circus space in the Region, to provide for local circus organizations opportunities of quiet maintance of their activities and encourage, this way, the development path of young artists as well as for the entire regional circus scene. The failure to obtain the proper use of masonry space, we resorted to the traditional circus circle and with the help of partner organizations from France brought their circus tents in Belgrade, Zagreb and Pula.
Unlike previous years, this forth festival edition of Cirkobalkana takes current world trend of homelessness as a result of the battle for a better tomorrow. This year there is no circus tent. Because of the cuts also affected carefree circus excistance, but we still keep the basic idea of strengthening the independent performing space, so both programs in this year’s cities, Belgrade and Zagreb, are placed in spaces thet are struggling to survive as an autonomous – in Belgrade those are CZKD, Cultural center Magacin and REX, and in Zagreb – Zagreb Dance Center and AKC Medika.

Cirkobalkana is launched in 2013 as an international cooperation of circus organizations Cirkusfera from Serbia , Cirkorama from Croatia and Le Cirk’Oblique from France. As from 2014 one more partner joined the association, “Carobnjakov sesir” from Pula – Croatia. In 2015 Cirkobalkana has a new partner from France, artistic circus troupe My!Laika, that joins Cirkobalkana with its own project Side kunst cirque, as well as Circus school Turbul, with their pedagogical program, and from Bosnia and Herzegovina Factory
of Joy as a partner in pedagogical program.

Everything we may have lost this year because of the tent, we tried to replace with the superb performances. In Belgrade and in Zagreb we are bringing one of the currently most innovative and most interesting circus collectives in Europe, the award-winning Cie Betti Combo with their performance of “Al Cubo”. Betti Combo’s artists will spend five days in each city, passing on their knowledge and experience through workshops with local artists. Our guest will also be an aerial Rogor circus from Ljubljana, as well as the charming French clown trio Fouxfeuxrieux Company which we briefly stopped on their trip to Armenia. In the program are also few aces from Cirkusfera’s and Cirkorama’s sleeve, and so will the public in both cities have chance to see Demagogue, Packed and Torture.
In addition to intensive for professionals in the educational part of program, we offer two-days workshops for children, as part of the development of regional circus pedagogy.
Artistic qulity of the program is proven by the fact that the Cirkobalkana is a side program of this year 50th anniversary of BITEF festival.

In short, we invite you to join us and find a reason to be happy in any part of Cirkobalkana program, and our reason for happiness will be your arrival, which will support the development of regional circus scene and increase the availability of a circus tent for the Region

The project “CIRKOBALKANA” is funded by Balkan Arts and Culture Fund BAC.
BAC is supported by the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).
Also traditionally supported from French institute and their regional program Teatroskop as well as from City of Belgrade and Zagreb, and Croatian Ministry of culture.


SOMIRU – Rogor Circus (SLO)

Beograd / Zagreb

CIRKOBALKANE OPENING 4.10. at 19:30, ZPC-A​, free entrance




opening party – AKC MEDIKA, CHAKKA’S ROOM

AL CUBO – Betti Combo (FR)

Beograd / Zagreb

CABARET – Cirkobalkana

Beograd / Zagreb