‟THE NIGHTINGALE‟ clown performance for adults

This is the first all-evening clown performance for adults in Croatia. ‟The Nightingale‟ is an offspring of an, for us, unfamiliar theatre-the clown theatre. The stripped stage with a ‟stripped‟ actor. The actor acting as a clown tries to achieve the simplest and yet the hardest stage performance – of being a human. When his hither side, his pure existence is recognized by the audience, laughter is born. The Coco family and their odd guest encounter, or involve themselves in a series of possible and impossible situations unraveled by everyday life and thus attempt to aspire to their main intent, to marry their over aged daughter.

Musicians are on stage throughout the performance, following the actors play by creating a vast and rich sound specter, and thus opening the door of the gliding present moment to the audience. Everything is live, everything happens now.

Directed and adapted by: Lee Delong


Kupina Koko – Nikolina Majdak

Vita Min Koko – Iva Peter-Dragan

Prokopije Koko – Nikola Mijatovic

Octavio – Domagoj Šoic


Ines Trickovic,

Nicolas Sinkovic,

Pavle Miljenovic

Lights : Milan Kovacevic

Sound: Tomica Kraljic

Art director: Draško Ivezic

This TRIKO CIRCUS TEATAR production is made in co-production with the Change Culture SC with the International Culture Services Centre. The project is also financed by the City of Zagreb Culture Office.

TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR won the audience reward of the Teatar.hr portal for the Independent Theatre of the year.

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