• Photo: Dragan Popović
  • Photo: Dragan Popović
  • Photo: Dragan Popović
  • Photo: Dragan Popović
  • Photo: Dragan Popović

We invite all artists with expertise in performing arts, with more emphasize on the circus arts, to submit their: Act/performing number, a performance that is being created, beginning attempt at a performance, improvisations or any other kind of inventive performances.

To be performed as part of “Open Stage” under the canopy of a circus tent. “Open Stage” is an extremely important second year installment of the Cirkobalkana project. During this evening all those wishing to present their own artistic expression to the fans of the circus art, are more than welcome to do so. The Cirkobalkana project with the goal of promoting circus arts for educational and performing purposes, taking place in its originating form that is under the canopy of a circus tent, standing as an autonomous venue for training, creating and performing, will be taking place during the month of September in Belgrade, afterwards moving to Pula for the month of October. Eligible are all circus performers (as well as other performers) from the Region and further, previous performance experience is not strictly necessary.

Other terms:

For the performance: the act must last no shorter that 10 minutes. Welcome are both solo and group acts. When applying make sure to write the first and last name of the performer (or the name of the group), the act’s title, submit a photo, if possible also a video (not mandatory), and finally a way of making contact (email, phone number etc.).

Deadline for all applications for Belgrade: 12.09.2014

Deadline for all applications for Pula: 18.10.2014

The organization will make the effort to facilitate all candidates’ technical requests, within the capabilities of the performing venue. If necessary, the performers will be able to work with musicians when preparing their performance, or if they have not already arranged for their own music or should they wish to be accompanied by live music.

The orginazators will not be covering travel costs.

This year performances will be judged by expert judges in collaboration with the audience, where the best performers will be awarded an appropriate/suitable cash prize, as well as the new prestigious award/title Balkanski Cirko.

Open Stage dates:

Belgrade 19.9.2014.

Pula 25.10.2014.

Applications for “Open Stage” :

Apply for OPEN STAGE in Belgrade – Applications are closed

Apply for OPEN STAGE in Pula »