About project

Cirkobalkana is an international cooperation between circus organizations which are: Cirkusfera from Serbia, Cirkorama from Croatia and Cirk’Oblique from France. This year for a new partner we will be joined by Čarobnjakov šešir from Pula. Aside from setting up the circus tent as an independent educational, creative and performance venue, the main goal is also to teach local circus groups and their artists everything related to creating and operating a “traveling” performance as well as setting up circus tents. Theater programs such as “Open Stage” and various workshops can go a long way towards opening communication between the local audience and circus performers within the region.2014 is the second year for the project Cirkobalkana and it will be primarily taking place in the cities of Belgrade and Pula. During the first “pilot” year the programs were seen and participated by 4000 visitors, 350 workshop participants and around 40 artists originating from France, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, USA, Italia, Greece and many more. This year we are planning for a big creative gathering from 12-27th of September in Belgrade and from 9-25th of October in Pula. At the tent and its surrounding area you will be greeted with artistic expressions from local circus artists as well as visiting artists coming from Spain and France. Also the circus scene Croatia and Serbia will be presented and education coursed in the circus arts will be available for all ages and those interested in the circus arts. The new addition to this year’s Cirkobalkana is in the program’s last week in Belgrade which will also be part of the BITEF festival program – i.e. BITEF Polifonija. Through these combined efforts there will be a premiere performance of last year’s fruition in cooperation; a show co-produced by the modern French, Serbian and Croatian circus: “Oldness.”


Considering the fact that in this region circus is not esteemed as a profession belonging to the realm of performing arts and that there are no possibilities of institutionalized studying of circus skills and training, the purpose of this project is to help circus artists and technicians that express interest for performing in circus tent, by providing the starting impulse and enabling them of becoming more autonomous and increase their expertise and visibility of their work.

Basic goals:

  1. Networking and cooperation between the active members of the circus community in the Balkans, concentrated around the ‟circus tent tour‟ in the Croatian and Serbian capitols.
  2. Creation and execution of high quality performances with the goal of awareness raising on the issue of new circus artists in the local communities
  3. Training of the circus performers and technicians from Croatia and Serbia in erecting and maintenance of the circus tent as a form of a movable stage and providing education in logistic and tour organization.
  4. Exchange of teaching methods for circus education, and providing possibilities for joint trainings for local and French artists and technicians in the circus tent.