Key 24 – Arnaud Essertel

Normally a mechanic spends his time in hands engines, this one is waiting, a key in each hand, the edge a track from Formula 1 cars to pass. Sitting on his toolbox, he is bored, is overcome, and creates a world where the tools come to life.

Key 24″ is a show of sound manipulation burlesque and objects


MUSICAL CREATION: Clara Cohen i Simon Pret

DURATION: 20 min

For all ages

Formed in the street, circus schools and roads since 2000, I participated in several creations, from solo to trio through the collective creation, with the goal of always mix my technical circus with acting. From 2003 to 2005, I learned the life of circus rotating with a circus family, then I understand that it is possible to live of his art. In 2006, I founded the Cirk’oblique with Marie Mercadal with the purpose of expressing myself, creating, traveling and why not live in an alternative world today

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