Needle – children’s play

The play was created in collaboration with Triko Circus Theater in Zagreb.

Needle is no ordinary girl, she is different from the others. From birth she has been quite unique – needles stuck all over her body. Inseparable from it, they defend her against all those who would wish to harm her, but it also prevents her from being just like all the other girls. Although she strives and wants to be like everyone else, she cannot find her place in society, because nobody wants to deal with such a strange girl who – stings.

In our show, the story of Needle is placed in the world of the circus as a picture of the world in which we live. Two clowns initially refused any opportunity to accept Needle as a friend or an accomplice in the game but after many attempts, they realize that Needle uniqueness is her advantage and because of its she can achieve great success. In the end, the two clowns accept Needle and together they put on a very successful play.

During our lives we meat many “strange” people who are unique in one way or another, different from ourselves. When we meat such people we often don’t know how to act towards them or how to accept them. Most often we expect them to be the ones to change and conform to/accept our behavioral standards; without ever questioning just how right our dictates are, or if these people/children can fit themselves to “our” view of the world. “Needle” sends a clear message that we should accept people different form us – just as they are, and that majority of us, at least, must make the first step in accepting those people, who in turn will enrich our lives with their very uniqueness.

The play is intended for children aged 4 to 10 years.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Director: Ivica Simic

Assistant director: Iva Peter Dragan


Nikolina Majdak

Iva Peter Dragan

Nikola Mijatovic

Scenery: Dinka Jeričević

Costume: Mirjana Zagorec

Lighting Design: Zeljko Fabijanic Šaravanja

Photo: Ana Sixth

Composer: Igor Karlić

Graphic design: Ivica Simic

Producer: Vitomira Potter