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About project

Cirkobalkana is a cooperation of three circus organizations (Cirk’Oblique from France, Cirkusfera from Serbia and Cirkorama from Croatia) in a project whose activities will be performed in a circus tent set on two locations, in Zagreb and in Belgrade, during a two month period from April 4 th to May 29th 2013. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia were supposed to be included in the project, but we decided this being the first year of the project’s implementation, to take one step at the time and narrow the project to two countries in this region.

The main carrier of the project is Cirk’Oblique, a circus company from France which is in possession of a circus tent.

The tent will be allocated in both countries and will host art works both of the local partners as well as the French artists. The Croatian and Serbian circus scene will be presented and education courses will be held for all ages and for all interested in circus arts. The basic idea of the project, besides using the tent as an independent performing facility, is to educate local circus organizations and artists in the issues of functioning, creation and sustainability of the ‟travelling‟ and circus tent performance; and establishing contact with the local audience through performances, ‟open stage‟ and workshops.


Considering the fact that in this region circus is not esteemed as a profession belonging to the realm of performing arts and that there are no possibilities of institutionalized studying of circus skills and training, the purpose of this project is to help circus artists and technicians that express interest for performing in circus tent, by providing the starting impulse and enabling them of becoming more autonomous and increase their expertise and visibility of their work.

Basic goals:

  1. Networking and cooperation between the active members of the circus community in the Balkans, concentrated around the ‟circus tent tour‟ in the Croatian and Serbian capitols.
  2. Creation and execution of high quality performances with the goal of awareness raising on the issue of new circus artists in the local communities
  3. Training of the circus performers and technicians from Croatia and Serbia in erecting and maintenance of the circus tent as a form of a movable stage and providing education in logistic and tour organization.
  4. Exchange of teaching methods for circus education, and providing possibilities for joint trainings for local and French artists and technicians in the circus tent.